OSINT Training


By using Open Source Intelligence, also known as Internet investigation, it is possible to find relevant data from digital open sources during fraud, cyber crime and/or criminal investigations.

During the “OSINT Basic” training, the participants learn the basic skills needed to conduct a good investigation on the Internet. After completing this training, the participants can conduct an investigation on the Internet, interpret the information found and then verbalise/report it in the correct context.

Do you use the Internet Research and Investigation Network? Then please refer to the Basic Internet Investigation training.

For whom is this training intended?
This three-day training course is suitable for anyone who uses the Internet for (investigative) research, including police and other investigative and security services, thematic analysts, analysts at banks (CDD, KYC, AML), private investigators and more.

What do you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, the participant has insight into the possibilities of the Internet and digitisation in the world of investigation. The participant has learnt to make effective use of search engines, investigate images, e-mail headers and has taken the first steps in investigating on social media (SOCMINT). The participant also knows how to search within websites, where data can be claimed (if authorised) and what techniques are available to operate anonymously.

The training course can be given in English; in both classroom and online form. Furthermore, the training courses are modular, making it possible to compose a customized training with matching casuistry.