OSINT Training

Basic Training Internet Investigation

In the current society, increasingly more people are on the Internet. The data they leave behind can be of great importance in an investigation. For example, firearms and other prohibited goods are offered through platforms like Facebook. In the Basic Training Internet Investigation, investigators learn how they can carry out the Internet investigation best without but also with using the IRN (Internet Research and Investigation Network).

For whom is this training intended?
This three-day training is suitable for everyone who uses the Internet during investigations.

What will you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, the participants will have insight into the possibilities of the Internet and digitisation in the world of investigation. They will have learned to effectively use search engines and search techniques. Additionally, anonymity and data collection are discussed, as well as how the participants prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime themselves.

The training course can be given in English; in both classroom and online form. Furthermore, the training courses are modular, making it possible to compose a customized training with matching casuistry.