Tableau Forensic Bridges

Tableau creates forensic bridges that link hard drives from PCs and laptops to investigation PCs. This guarantees the data integrity of the original and allows for creating a software-based copy of the data using a tool of choice. A good copy forms the essential base for a digital investigation. Tableau devices are fast, easy to use and very reliable.

An overview of the Tableau Forensic Bridges:

  • T35U: supports writeblocking of both SATA and IDE storage devices via a fast USB 3.0 host connection. Also available in the yellow version. An important difference is that the connected hard drives are not protected against write actions.
  • T6U: supports writeblocking of SAS hard drives via a fast USB 3.0 host connection.
  • T7U: supports writeblocking of Solid State Drives via a fast USB 3.0 host connection.
  • T8U: supports writeblocking of USB sticks and external USB drives via a fast USB 3.0 host connection.
  • T9: supports writeblocking of FireWire400 (1394A) and FireWire800 (1394B) devices such as hard drives, FireWire RAIDs and older Apple iPods either via FireWire or USB.
  • T356789iu: The Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge T356789iu is a built-in variant that can be installed in, among other things, computers and existing forensic workstations. This bridge is made for a 5.25 bay on the front of a forensic workstation and connects via a USB 3.0 host connection. The Tableau T356789iu is the most versatile bridge with the following connections:
  • USB 3.0/2.0/1.1
  • PCle
  • SATA
  • FireWire 800/400
  • IDE
  • SAS

All our forensic bridges come in a kit (K), complete with cables and a carrying bag.

More information about this product? Please contact us. 

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