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Intella is a powerful indexing, search and analysis tool that can be used by digital investigators to find relevant data quickly. Intella is especially used for e-mail investigations, but also for cases such as intellectual property theft, unauthorised use of e-mail and Internet, and fraud. The easy-to-use interface and the visualisation helps investigators find valuable data and visualise relevant connections.

Various e-mail formats are supported, but other file formats such as Word and Excel can also be easily indexed and searched with Intella. The search results can then be exported in a large number of formats, including xls, pdf, html, xml and doc.

There are different versions available, namely Intella: 10, 100, 250, PRO, Team, Connect and Viewer. All Intella versions offer the unique ‘cluster map’ that is used to visualise the relevant connections.

  • Intella 10, 100 and 250: tool for e-mail investigation and eDiscovery for individual users who investigate large amounts of data and files.
  • Intella PRO: where Intella 10 to 250 can analyse a limited amount of data, Intella PRO can search through an unlimited amount of files.
  • Intella Team: different persons (analysts, investigators, lawyers etc.) can individually or collectively view and assess digital evidence. Team is suitable for indexing, searching and analysing large data files of more than 250 GB. Intella Team comes with the most extensive export and sharing functionality of the entire Intella line and consists of two components: Intella Team Manager and Intella Pro.
  • Intella Team Manager: indexes and prepares the data and evidence, assigns case information to members of the investigation team, and receives, accepts and combines results of the members of the investigators.
  • Intella Connect: provides the option for investigators, consultants, departments and special investigation teams to simultaneously and from multiple locations search through information in the same case without the need to install or configure software. Investigators can search through electronically saved information that is processed by Intella using a single web browser via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. The application is installed on a PC or Mac and the administrator then determines whether Connect can only be used on a local network or via the Cloud as well.
  • Intella Viewer: an optional addition to Intella 10, 100 and/or 250 that has the same functionalities except for the indexation. The viewer offers the possibility to view a case from a different workstation. Investigators, analysts, etc. can independently search, filter data, bookmark and label, and return results to the Manager for inspection and approval.

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