Encase Forensic Edition

EnCase® is the global standard in digital forensics and offers advanced options for investigating computer data. The intuitive GUI and excellent performance enable investigators to set up complex and very accurate investigations.

EnCase® is a revolutionary programme meant for experts in the field of digital investigation. Using EnCase®, various media such as hard drives and USB drives can be investigated efficiently. Even deleted and renamed files can be reconstructed and viewed in their original form.

With EnCase®, you can:

  • Easily create evidence copies
  • Investigate systems
  • Analyse data
  • Record the findings and create a report whilst maintaining the integrity of the original data

With EnCase®, you always work with a full investigation copy of the data files. An investigator can be assured that the integrity of the original evidence is guaranteed. The evidence is not affected in any way. EnCase® works with MD5 and SHA-1 hash checksums to guarantee the integrity of the data.

Application areas:

EnCase® can be used in many areas. Some examples:

  • Investigation into (child) pornography material.
  • Investigation into financial fraud.
  • Investigation into violations of non-competition clauses.
  • Investigation into tax fraud.

Investigation into unauthorised activities ‘during working hours’.

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