Digital Forensics

ADF Solutions 

ADF software is very well regarded worldwide when it comes to digital investigation in general and Triage in particular. 

ADF offers triage software for determining the relevance of evidence. Triage is easy to use, fast and scalable. The ADF software quickly analyses computers, external drives, forensic copies of hard drives and other storage media. Triage prevents the unnecessary collection of too much data and only focuses on the data that is relevant to an investigation.

  • Digital Evidence Investigator- end-to-end forensic investigation software that is used in the lab and in the field for fast collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Triage-Investigator- automated digital forensic software that is designed for teams and distributed field units for intelligent collection, analysis and reports that are suitable for court.
  • Triage-G2- a handheld media exploitation tool used by special forces, military and intelligence services throughout the world. With ADF software, everything is about speed, scalability, ease of use and relevant results.

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