Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

With the Forensic Toolkit (FTK), special investigative services and IT security professionals can perform thorough and effective computer investigations. The FTK contains, among other things, a very powerful option for filtering files and advanced search functionality. With the customisable filters, thousands of files can be searched very rapidly in order to find the desired evidence. FTK is recognised worldwide as one of the most important tools for e-mail analysis.

In addition to the standard functionality, AccessData provides a number of expansion options in the form of visualisation and malware analysis. These modules (Cerberus and Visualisation) are integrated into FTK and together form an excellent investigation platform.

  • Cerberus: concerns a malware triage development. Using this module, binary files can be further investigated regarding suspicious behaviour as a result of things like viruses or Trojans. Cerberus provides threat scores and analysis options to further investigate these files.
  • Visualisation: makes it possible to view data in various forms, such as timelines and graphs. An important example of this is the ability to quickly and efficiently determine relationships and find important information. The generated reports can then easily be assessed by lawyers, CIOs or other investigators.

Ease of use
View more than 270 different file formats with the special Viewer Technology and quickly navigate a created ‘image’ with the FTK Explorer.

Advanced search options

  • Full indexation using dtSearch® technology provides direct search results
  • Advanced search options for JPG images and Internet text
  • Tracing binary patterns using Live Search
  • Automatic ‘undeleting’ of deleted files and partitions
  • Quick detection of important files using custom filters

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