Cyber Security Solutions

OT Security 

Securing special systems such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a challenge.

The specific tasks that ICS/SCADA systems perform are often of vital importance to the organisation in which the slightest disruption forms a risk for the continuity of the environment. Think of industrial environments, but also infrastructure such as access gates, tracks, bridges and locks.

Updating this system is difficult and forms a direct risk for the continuity of the business operations. These kinds of specialised systems often work with outdated software, which results in security risks. What if your environment is infected with malware? How long will your business operations be shut down?

DataExpert has extensive experience with digital forensic products and uses this knowledge to monitor and secure your ICS/SCADA environments with Cyber Security solutions. We create a “blueprint” of the technical environment so that, when it behaves unusually, your SOC is made aware of this directly and can respond (remotely) immediately. Solutions used for this come from suppliers with years of experience and proven success, including OpenText (Encase) and the solutions of Cyberbit.

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