IBM i2 Connect

IBM i2 Connect is the solution for connecting the i2 environment to internal and external data sources using API-based connectors. With IBM i2 Connect it is possible to directly search for relevant data in different data sources (simultaneously) from the user-friendly i2 environment. Without having to import all the data first. IBM i2 Connect works with both IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook and IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis.

By finding case relevant data from different sources and being able to easily add it to the i2 analysis, the efficiency of the research and data analysis activities is significantly increased.

What can you use i2 Connect for?
Investigation of (internal) cyber threats:

  • Problem: cyber criminals are finding new and innovative ways to evade detection and thus easily infiltrate organisations.
  • Solution: using i2 Connect, analysts can search multiple data sources simultaneously from one (i2) interface, allowing them to enrich their investigation with relevant information faster. This enables them to carry out more in-depth investigation, far beyond the initial detection.

Defeat fraudulent activities that affect your business results:

  • Problem: fraudsters avoid rule-based systems, are often difficult to catch and leave little trace.
  • Solution: analysts can easily combine data from different sources, such as sanction lists, social media, international waiting lists, company data, etc. on one i2 chart. This allows them to perform multidimensional visual analyses and find hidden patterns/evidence in data.

Better case analysis and information-driven action:

  • Problem: investigation services and defence organisations increasingly need to answer complex analysis questions as part of an operational or thematic investigation.
  • Solution: with i2 Connect, analysts can more easily and quickly make data connections between information from different sources or create an SA (Situational Awareness) image by adding only the relevant data to the i2 chart.

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