About DataExpert

History DataExpert 

DataExpert was founded in 1990 as a spin-off of Kender Thijssen and Q-RAY Agrimatica. Vidocq, the investigator information system for the Criminal Intelligence Service, was built up with a team of specialists. Within a few years, dozens of customers in the Netherlands and Belgium were making use of this system.

Distribution and training
Besides software development, DataExpert also took care of the marketing, sale, installation, support and training. It was a logical step to also start doing this with interesting products from other companies. That is why in 1992, DataExpert also became a distributor for i2 (now IBM) for the software package Analyst’s Notebook. This product is now a global phenomenon with all investigative organisations. Two other i2 products, such as iBase, were added in the years after that.

Detection and analysis
DataExpert was developing more and more from a developer into a value added reseller. New digital forensic detection and analytics products were added to the portfolio and the number of partners grew quickly. Guidance Software now OpenText (EnCase) and AccessData (Forensic Toolkit) are examples of that. The services have also been expanded with a training range and a consultancy range regarding the use and usability of the software.

Security Solutions 
In addition to the analytics and forensic solutions, DataExpert now also focuses on security solutions. This activity focuses on cyber security, securing the critical infrastructures, data security (including cloud security) and risk & compliance (e-discovery).

Training practice DiEx
DataExpert wants to increase its customers’ knowledge of conducting investigations and the necessary software. As a result of this ambition, DataExpert has set up a training department. In order to provide training in the field of cyber crime, Internet investigations and safety analyses, DataExpert acquired the training organisation DiEx in 2017.

Expansion of the market area
Where DataExpert has been active in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Caribbean since 1990, DataExpert decided also to serve the Scandinavian market in 2018. The first step was taken by the collaboration with the Swedish Forensic Experts Scandinavia AB. This collaboration was so positive that DataExpert decided to take over Forensic Experts Scandinavia in 2019. Together with our Swedish colleagues we now assist investigative authorities and companies in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway in the fight against (cyber) crime and fraud.

Independent solutions
In 30 years, DataExpert has grown to become the independent knowledge and technology partner for all investigative and security services and commercial parties. We translate needs in the field of data security and forensic research into appropriate solutions. Our years of experience and expertise in the Public Order and Safety market help us with that.